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How long it seems, and just as if it was yesterday, we started by reading a book. Now most of you are thinking we read a book about beekeeping, or we wanted to pollinate our garden. But that did not come for a year or two. The book I am going to tell you about was found digging in boxes after my Grand Father died. Hand written in Irish Gaelic was a book of a grand story, or so I thought. I was fascinated by it. I had it translated and found it was a story of war and conquest. That it was all for the Drink of Kings, a drink Gold in color, very high in alcohol, and tasted like sweet candy. That the tale had keys to open the drink, and when the keys where used it made The Kings Mead. Hundreds of years old and still one of the most sought after drinks in the world, and I was holding it in my hands.

Well I worked on it for a year or so and finally broke the keys to KINGS MEAD. I made it, loved it, and so have hundreds that have tried it. One of the only original recipes for making the finest and first alcohol drinks known to man. One of open fermentation was this recipe, very interesting to do, this drink of Kings was wonderful. I was on a quest to make a winery to sale this drink. I won awards, I was asked to sale the recipe, I was marketed to share the best tasting drink, warm or cold, to the world. There was one catch, lots of honey was needed.

The only way to make sure you are getting one of the keys is to have your stock of good honey, LOTS of good honey.  I need to get honey bees to make honey to make this wine of the Gods. After three years of study of wine and bees, ABFC got some hives and bees. Our first shot was a BIG LOSS. I lost everything in the first 3 months. I was doing what I read, watched on You Tube, but the bees where gone. I did this two more times putting myself in to real money problems. They bees where leaving or dead in the hive. I had a product but I was not getting one of the Keys to making my mead. I had to see why I was unable to keep honey bees.
This adventure started in 2000. I have done so much learning about beekeeping and how to make it stable that my reason for starting the lost art of beekeeping changed. I still want to make the best drink known to man, KINGS MEAD., but I need to show people all the aspects of keeping bees. From leaf cutter bees to mason, from all the kinds of honey bees to dorf sting-less bees. I have to get the youth of the world into sustainable beekeeping.

I keep from 125 bee hives to 210 hives now. I have worked over 2200 hives at one time. I have have pollinated large crops moving bees on trucks. I work all different kinds of bee hives, and I do all kinds of beekeeping. I Have some bee yards that only are biodynamic and some that are for commercial beekeeping. My company can house and work over 2700 beehives at one time if needed. I have placed cell phones in hives to see if it hurts them (just makes them mad then they cover it up over time) I have moved bee hives under large power lines to see the effects. I have trained bees to fly a maze and even done beekeeping nude for shows. I have seen the honey bee killer fly down to snatch up bees to eat, and the after mass of skunks & bears to a bee yard. I talk, travel, and work with beekeepers all over the world. Beekeeping to me is like the fine wine I want to show the world, there are so many kinds that I must taste it all.

I am going to take on a journey of bees and beekeeping, talking on my pod cast, having classes and webinars, sharing photos and videos, taking your questions, and selling you product to support what we do for the education of youth beekeeping. I want you to see more than the production of honey, the pollination of crops, and the scare that has come from the loss of the bees. I want you to Hear what the bees are telling us.

"The BEE Whisperer" Michael Jordan


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